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Cecil, nothing and nowhere is safe. But there are things greater than us. Greater than all of this! (So, you can’t see it, but I just made a big sweeping hand gesture to indicate everything in the universe). And there are people who must learn about it all, how it all works, and why. This is what we call science!
I love Carlos’ thirst for knowledge, especially in contrast to Night Vale, where so often people are encouraged to ignore things, or to accept things without question, or to believe things contrary to reality. I wonder if that’s going to become more of a theme, and if some of the problems in Night Vale are going to be addressed, post-revolution. 
The best revenge is living well. The second best is tasteless, slow acting poison. Maybe it’s more of a tie? Either way, you got wronged, and you need to set things right, Sagittarius.
Cecil Palmer, Today’s Horoscope (Sagittarius)

you know what book will always make me cry at the end? literally every time? without fail? flowers for motherfucking algernon. god.

One other question. I tend to use the term dumb a lot to refer to when I make a silly mistake, or like how my dog acts, and even in my text post tag. I'm really confused as to how it is still an offensive term. I have only read in really old texts people referring to dumb as one who cannot speak. I thought that it was just a word that has had context change over time, like gay. Do you consider it a slur and do you have alternatives for the word?

i do view it as a slur, yes, because it (along with other words; stupid, moron, etc) have been used to refer to mentally ill and neuroatypical folk for a long time — and think of the connotations it has for anyone who was bullied using those terms; even if the definition has changed over time, there’s still plenty of venom there that could easily justify it and words like it as slurs in and of themselves.

i have trouble erasing these words from my verbal vernacular, but i try and monitor my language online as best i can! what i find really helpful is this handy list of synonyms as well as a list of terms that can be considered ableist. i use it a lot to self check my language.

Thanks for offering your opinions! I guess shouty wasn't the best term to use and I do understand their opinions are important, I'm probably just being too sensitive. My big question is that lately, a lot of people I follow haven't been tagging nsfw stuff, mainly boobs. I know that for many it's like to desexualize them, or they do not consider them sexual. Is it still okay to ask them to tag it as nsfw? I don't want to seem rude or anything, but I really don't like that stuff on my dash.

never say you’re being too sensitive, man! you’re just as entitled to your opinions as they are, too.

and there’s plenty of reasons not to want bare chests on your dash regardless of whether or not they’re sexualized or not. i know plenty of folk who take clothed life drawing classes because they get uncomfortable seeing naked folk, despite figure drawing not being sexualized in the slightest (of course, pfff). perhaps you could ask them to tag them as something different? like if they could tag them as #breasts or #bare chest? perhaps that could work!


cecilfhtagn replied to your post: thethespacecoyote replied to your post…

well i mean, they’re still sj bloggers? it’s the no true scotsman argument. but people act like Every SJ Blogger is like that or that we cover it up when people are like that when it’s more like we spread that what they say isn’t okay to say

yeah, i get what you mean! what i was saying was, for example, a person cannot be a feminist if they don’t support women of color as much as they support other women; you can’t support trans folk’s rights if you don’t support trans men, which is what hannah was saying! they’re still sj bloggers, yes, but people take that attitude and attribute it to ALL social justice issues and that’s what’s not okay.

thethespacecoyote replied to your post: eonflamewing said:hey crown sorry…

I understand and agree with most of this but there are still people who say horrible things that arent trolls. Like the people who tell trans men to die or that they deserve to have their surgery botched, thats not okay.

of course there are. the trolls had to get their ideas from somewhere. :/ but then again, those people can’t be considered sj bloggers any more than racist women can be considered feminists, so i didn’t even think to include them with the post. u ~ u christ, that’s an awful thing to say.

That response was like, super helpful! I hope this doesn't come off as weird, but could I ask for clarification/opinions on some sj stuff? A lot of the people I follow who are into sj are a bit more of the shouty type, which makes me a little freaked out to ask them about things that google really hasn't helped with. So is answering some questions, or perhaps giving advice, something you would be open to? Thanks!

hey, you’re welcome! i’m glad i was able to help! uvu

i’d always be happy to share my own opinions and advice, but please don’t take the things i say and use them to counter against things other sj bloggers say. no matter how shouty they are, their opinion does matter, too. the goal of me sharing my opinions isn’t to prove anyone right or wrong, but again, to try and educate as best i can.

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