hi there, everyone! like i said i would, i decided to go ahead and open commissions!! uvu 

i can do sketches, traditional lineart, traditional colors, and (very slow) digital colors. the prices listed above are the general range for where everything will be, although some may vary based on complexity/number of folks in the picture/bust or full-body, and etc etc.

just in case you can’t read it above:

sketches: $5 - $7 USD
lines: $10 - $12 USD
traditional color: $13 - $17 USD 
digital color: $18 - $20 USD

i can also make keychains! each one will be $2 USD each, with discounts if you order in bulk! they will look as so:

…and will also be laminated, and signed by me on the back! :3

i tried to make these prices as fair as possible aahhh gosh, so i really hope they’re ok! i only accept payments via paypal, and i will ship anywhere in the world!

if you’re interested, please shoot me an email at crownkind@gmail.com, send me a note on dA at nijyuushichi, or send me a message/fanmail on here, if you really must! even if you can’t buy anything, reblogs would be really awesome for exposure and stuff.

so…yeah!! vuv i will also be selling any extra stock i’ll have left over from chibicon next month, so keep watch for that, too.

(also i am so sorry all of the examples are homestuck I CAN DO THINGS THAT AREN’T HOMESTUCK I PROMISE)

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