hey, everyone!! fanimecon is coming up in just about a week, and looking at my funds today, it looks like i’m running a liiiittle low at the moment. this is most distressing! 

so, i decided to go back and remake my commissions post! these are the only kinds of commissions i offer at the moment, but i guess if there’s something not on here that you want me to do you can ask?? haha.

i don’t charge for shipping, and i can ship internationally, as well.

and if you don’t want a commission necessarily, i’ll also accept gracious donations, and if you do, i’ll give you a free kid keychain and a free kid sticker! the keychains can be found here, here, here, and here, and the stickers can be found here! just let me know how much you’re donating and which ones you’d like — it doesn’t matter how little or how much you give, you get a keychain and sticker either way!! <3

if you’re interested, please either send me a message/fanmail on here, a message on deviantART, or email me at crownkind@gmail.com! i can take payment on paypal only.

thanks for listening, everyone! uvu i’m sorry i’m so bad at budgeting.

(you can see those gifs in motion here and here.)

(also, those bubblegum/marceline keychains are for sale here!)

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