[Joey has severe pneumonia, his lungs are full of fluid and we need help to keep him alive and healthy.]

This is my puppy Joey, he is a 2 month old rescue from a local shelter. Yesterday we brought him home and noticed he had an awful cough, we were told it was kennel cough, but since I worked as a vet tech assistant once, I had a thought it was worse. Once he threw up a couple times I got worried and woke up my mother, soon we were both with Joey in the emergency animal hospital. 

After a very heavy bill we were told he had really severe pneumonia, he is unable to breath well and is lethargic, since moving takes up too much effort. He also has trouble eating as his breathing makes his movements limited. It was horrifying.

They wanted to keep him overnight for IV and antibiotics, but sadly, we couldn’t afford any of it, $1,500. We cradled our precious Joey who had quickly become part of our small family and didn’t know what to do, he is very sick still.

But the very wonderful veterinarians decided to give us an alternative, for $500 they would tell us how to take care of him at home and do what they could.

They told us to use our human nebulizer on Joey, gave him under the skin fluids, and that they would call our house to check up on us, they did NOT need to do this but they were very good hearted people.

They gave us all this medication you see here: 

and provided with the information to properly care for Joey and break down the fluid in his lungs contributing to his pneumonia.


  • Give him nebulizer treatments every 4 hours, 5ML of saline
  • Feed him a special bland cooked diet of chicken,rice,and cottage cheese every 6 hours.
  • Give him 3 antibiotic medications every 12 hours.
  • Loosen the fluid in Joey’s chest every 4 hours, by patting his lungs for 20 min.

Since we also have to use breathing treatments with a nebulizer on poor Joey, using a human mask since it’s all we have, this helps Joey breath more easily:

It’s all we can do for now.

Unfortunately $500 is still steep for my family, we put it on a credit card, but we desperately need to pay it off as well as earn more money for our sweet little Joey’s medicine he will need for the next few weeks.

We hope to raise more money to pay his bills as well as buy more medicine, and any treatments he may need.

Donating! Simply send the payment through PAYPAL to:

Commissioning! I take commissions since I am an artist, all commission info is here, payment will be sent through PAYPAL to:

SIGNAL BOOSTING! Any sort of spreading of this post will help us reach more people and hopefully raise money for Joey! 


Thank you for your time!

if i had money in my paypal i’d donate myself but

here’s signal boosting as an alternative please take a look guys

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