pepper, my family’s dog, was put down today.

we’re all a big, crying, snivelly mess over it, but at least she isn’t hurting anymore.

there was an inoperable tumor in her nose, near her eye, that we found out about last year. we didn’t really think she would last as long as she did, and i’m super super grateful that she stuck with us for so long. she was such a great dog, my precious girl.

love you, peppy baby.

  1. dirtcolored said: Aw! It’ll be alright, Pepper isn’t suffering anymore. You just got to remember the wonderful times you guys had. Sorry for the lost ;A; <3
  2. drakansa said: I just had to do that with my baby cat last month. He was 16… Loves and hugs for you XOXOXO
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  5. littlereddish said: oh, hon… /nuzzles tenderly. she lived a loving life with you guys! bless her little doggy soul.
  6. ahmerst said: Aah, baby. I’m glad she’s not hurting anymore, but I’m also sorry she’s no longer with you. You should let me give you a nice super long hug when I see you.
  7. artisticpsyco said: im so sorry nicole :c /hug. at least she cant feel pain anymore
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  9. feastings said: oh my gosh she looks like huge sweetie hhhh ahhhhh hugs you UMU
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