hey everybody!! i hate to do this right as i get a whole grand heap of new followers, but anime expo is right around the corner and my friends and i are beginning our roadtrip down to LA today! so there will likely be very little of me on your dash this weekend (more specifically, today thru july 4th, which is how long i will be in LA). i’ll check occasionally in case anyone wants to hang out during AX or something, though!

not only that, but after AX, i’m flying back to washington with my girl for the rest of july, so there’s a grand chance i’ll be around a lot less than i usually am while i am up there. uwu fuckin’ hell i am SO EXCITED THOUGH SCREAMS AND ROLLS AROUND

during AX, i’ll be cosplaying lil’ seb, fem!john, and god tier aradia, as well as wandering around out of costume when i feel like it, probaly. i’ll have a crown on my badge so that you guys will know it’s me, so if you spot me walking around then  feel free to come say hi! <3

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