hey, this may seem weird... but what would you recommend is I wanted to cosplay grimdark Nepeta??

oh man, whaaaat? why are you cosplaying things i’ve done oh man oh gosh?? ;;; thank you so much aahhhh gmjfkf. well, uh! i’m not sure if you’re intending to cosplay the design i had for her — which isn’t all that different from how she is normally, really — or if you just wanted to cosplay grimdark nepeta in general? (like, just a general grimdark troll vs. a grimdark envisioned by me)

but, uh, i suppose the main thing would be that i make the grimdark trolls have darker skin than the normal trolls/grimdark trolls, so your makeup would be closer to black than anything! i’m not sure what else you need recommending on, er…i’m not very savvy with cosplay related things dgjkhfh ahh sorry ;_; maybe i could help you with something specific if you let me know what it is!

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