oh man, finally done! the four kids’ lands represented as object heads. uwu

i hope you guys like the finished product! this was really fun to work on, haha.

click for bigger view!

i posted this nearly two years ago and i STILL gets note on it. i will never escape


just leave me here. i’m fine. i’m fine


opening collab badge commissions with crownkind!
so excited to work with such a fantastic artist ahhh

more info here~

do you like cute things? do you like cute artists? are you a huge furry who wants a cute badge of your fursona??? then some look at this thing we’re doing.


"my favorite thing about him is the way he says my name."

individual post of the main part of this ask. i was really proud of this in particular so i wanted to post it separate.

WIP. aaaaa…….


hey kid wanna buy some teeth


On occasion. :-P

Cecil’s clothes don’t really fit me, though…


Carlos! Carlos, I can hardly believe it. We’re famous!

I wouldn’t call it famous, Cecil, but you’re right. It IS pretty neat.

We’re like John Wayne.

We are absolutely nothing like John Wayne. But, hey — thanks, everyone. Make sure you keep sending us questions, okay? Really, we appreciate it! Like, a lot.

Anything that will keep Carlos distracted long enough to keep paying attention to me. ;^)

(( Gee, though, 200 followers already! I’m flattered, thank you all very much. Keep the questions coming!! ))

in (sort of) relation to the anon i got earlier, i wanted to share with you all an updated version of my art progress meme thing.

you’re not always going to improve as fast as you want. you’re not always going to improve in the exact areas you want. sometimes you’ll get SO much better in, like, a month, and then stagnate for three. and that’s okay.

keep working at it, man. improve at your own pace. you can do it.

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