art trade with a pal on FA!


AU where almost everything is the same except cecil went through a teenage goth furry phase and met carlos weeb extraordinaire in hot topic and it was True Love


thomas, christopher, john

fixed the legs……!

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oh ah if anyone wants to see the character i’m doin for class & if you have any suggestions….! ;;

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sweet niki has been having some rough times the last week or so. and so have lots of other folk, too — but niki’s been such a swell friend and all that i just really wanted to draw her a lil something.

so! her very precious cecil and carlos. uvu keep your head up, babs!!

frog’s birthday was (exactly! to this day!!) a month ago! sadly, i missed it, so here’s the best party planner ever to help make it up to you. :^)


a collection of the little homestuck doodles i did today. this is the most HS art i’ve drawn in the past few months combined.

i can’t get enough of groovy-bastard's headcanons. dang?? dang.


i made some new icons for the babe and i & here’s the picture i made em from! just look at how well they’re getting along.

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