some HIP NEW KEYCHAINS, coming soon to conventions near you. (by which i mean sacanime.)

clothed turnarounds….!

not sure what hair i want to give her yet, though….

another SUPER fun style!!! always been a fan of panty & stocking.

my personal favorite is off. \ o /

spooky college student in a strange and spooky town!

what a fun style.

one year later.


why is a triangle so fun to draw? how is the triangle even wearing a bowtie?? we just don’t know.

i’ve been giving away night vale stickers at conventions and live shows for about a year now!

here’s how the stickers have changed and progressed over the months. click on them to see the exact dates!


what mega goobers.

come find me at sacanime later this month if you want some free night vale stickers. i’ll be waiting. :3c

mega goobers

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