They do have some really nice shirts….

But Cecil’s the only one of us who can make it through the sales.

(( Cecil is wearing this and this. ))


Friends, listeners! Today is a wonderful day indeed — you’re now all free to send us any questions to may please!

That’s right. But, Cecil — nothing too embarrassing, please?

I’m not promising anything! Besides, sharing intimate details about one’s personal life through social networking is what all the hip, trendy kids are doing.

I guess that’s true. There were studies? I think there were studies. There were lots of charts and numbers involved, and that means it’s statistically likely that’s true.

Exactly!! So what are you waiting for, listeners?? Ask away!

in honor of the release of this goddamn game here’s the ridiculous art i drew for it back in 2011

we’ve come so far


i wanted to warm up before doing my half of a meme thing with bun so

matching sweater nerds


and there they are! five nights at freddy’s stickers, all ready for sac. make sure you stop by!


well look! the gang’s all here.



cover page for my drawing for animation final! (i forgot the patterns on her outfit. fuck.)

very happy to be almost done with this character!!


did some gravity falls keychains for sacanime! unsure on the background yet, but i liked it enough to keep in on for now at least.


drawing for animation final is coming along slowly but surely!

WIP gravity falls print! have to move the pine boys over so that i can fit in mabel, haha.

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