i’ve been giving away night vale stickers at conventions and live shows for about a year now!

here’s how the stickers have changed and progressed over the months. click on them to see the exact dates!


what mega goobers.

come find me at sacanime later this month if you want some free night vale stickers. i’ll be waiting. :3c

mega goobers


bill bill bill bill

um excuse me that really fucking cissexist assuming men have to wear bowties and look masculine to be seen as male and women have to wear bows and look feminine to be seen as a woman.


hey, anon!

you’ve got a great point, and i’m very sorry if my initial designs made you uncomfortable or offended you. i knew that was going to be a problem going into this — how should i differentiate between the bears without falling into binarism? 

while i didn’t have time to post these last night, in an attempt to avoid this, i will be offering variations, like so:

the problem with this is that i don’t have the funds to print ALL the designs with ALL the text choices i have! so i made the first designs as the main ones, and will be offering variations in small quantities OR as customization options if i sell them online. 

i hope that quells your concerns, anon! please let me know if you have any other questions, your input means a lot.


two buttons of….six, at the moment?? the number keeps getting bigger and bigger…

she/her/hers is still i need of a little tweaking (not sure about that bg color)


button designing, while new and unfamiliar territory, is also exciting!

looking forward to how these buttons come out!! preferred pronoun buttons with cute bears on them. hell yeah.

guess who’s making COOL PRONOUN BUTTONS


flirty scientists. oh no.


art trade with a pal on FA!

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