finished cecil (with bonus khoshekh!!) commission for izumiperez! this was initially only a sketch, but i liked it so much in the end that i asked if i could color it was well.

idk why i’m uploading a WIP when i’m probably gonna finish this tonight but here it is

bunch of sketches i did for people on gaia!

a lesbian biker gang called the sweet teeth

delilah darlin’, cuppin, and jinxie

i wore a v cute hoodie to school today

did a bunch of icons for people on FA! wanted to try a pixel style, the first one was a trade and the others were freebies given away in a journal.

it’s not an official gang until you have MATCHING LEATHER JACKETS

"cecil, can you hear me?"

a v happy valentine’s day everyone!!! here are some gays. specifically myself and my very handsome dragon girlfriend ;o

i hope everyone has a lovely day, significant other or no! remember, today is not just about making your partner happy, but to make yourself happy as well. treat yourself, treat your friends, treat your girlfriends or boyfriends or otherworldly entities or what have you.

life is wonderful! you’re wonderful!!!

(except my boo is the most wonderful obviously <3)

tiny carlos

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