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i usually draw short, chubby carloses, but big bear carloses are also very good.


There was a time before Strex

Art/Lines = ME

Coloring = Crown

==> landbound update!

will luis ever open his mail?? who knows??? i feel like the author continues to purposefully choose commands that carefully avoid them having to illustrate what’s actually inside those boxes.

feel free to suggest a command…or would you like to start from the beginning?


an art trade for a friend on FA! his very cute shark gal kiara.


you know what i haven’t drawn in a while?

my hs girls…..

the ==> landbound update is here! yeah!!! click to read.

you can also suggest a command, or start from the beginning.

you can read more about landbound here.

panels without context are my favorite kinds of panels.

more sneak previews of the landbound update…..!


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