wow, i finally got off my lazy ass and made another icon so that i could post a new set!

this time, we have my buddies kitka, loki, denny and maria. uwu

set number seven! this round goes out to harumi, aze, synne and sprite!

icon set number six!! i really need to pick up the pace on these, i have lots left to do.

these are for ali, ayla, mel and sharona!

set number five!! i’m on a roll tonight, wowow. anywho, here are alicia, marci, rhaeme and chem!!

i’m gonna start tagging these all as “friendicons”, so if you ever wanna see all of them that i’ve made, just check that tag!

tumblr/skype/twitter/etc icon batch four!! this time we have chain, giselle, max and nico!

tumblr/skype/etc icon set number three!! this time we have cassandra, crev, eli and pa. uwu

tumblr/skype icon batch number two!! john, jarrett, soli and elizabeth.

first set of tumblr/skype icons!! for emily, prince oliver, rae and becky. uwu

oh here’s just

lorien and i’s icons uwu forgot to upload them oops

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