i should probably stop drawing art of characters from a show i’ve only seen two episodes of

i just can’t help it because the CHARACTER DESIGNS ARE REALLY NICE?? hides face in hands

i feel bad for having no art to upload recently so uh awkwardly shoves up some of the colored AT keychain designs that i’m selling saturday

quilava!! as requested by woegothics uvu

pokingmans uvu the lopunny is shiny because my lopunny on black is shiny and her name is casey and she is a sassy sonofabitch

by the way here are some WIP previews of the AT keychains i’m selling at chibicon!! i have finn and jake and genderbents too but you don’t get to see those until later

i don’t even remember what their hair looks like shoot me now

nick attempting to draw things that aren’t homestuck, part one: okamiiiiii VwV

taking out my frustration at everything on my AP notebook that’s due tomorrow

aaaand christmas gift number four! this time for mistytpednaem, who asked for shelly de killer from ace attorney in an ugly cat sweater. yes, good. merry christmas, claudia sweetie. <33

christmas gift number 3, this time for biscuitlikeboundlessness!! she wanted me to draw her dog in an ugly sweater but i don’t know if it actually looks enough like her dog gfhgjdj. MERRY CHRISTMAS MORGAN <33

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