two commissions i did for someone, of their and their boyfriend’s fursonas! i’d forgetten how much fun drawing anthro folk was wow

first done of my recent commissions!! charlottenothing wanted some fiona and cake keychains, so here are the designs for them. uvu i actually like AT quite a bit i just never draw shit for it, oops.

pepper, my family’s dog, was put down today.

we’re all a big, crying, snivelly mess over it, but at least she isn’t hurting anymore.

there was an inoperable tumor in her nose, near her eye, that we found out about last year. we didn’t really think she would last as long as she did, and i’m super super grateful that she stuck with us for so long. she was such a great dog, my precious girl.

love you, peppy baby.

these are our icons by the way if anyone cares!

princess bubblegum and marceline keychains for sale!!

i have a whole lot of these cuties left over from a small con a while back, and since they’re not doing much but gathering dust in my room, i figured hey, why not see if anyone else wants them?

they’re $3 USD each and $5 for both! you won’t need to pay for any shipping (unless you make them kiss OOPS THAT WAS A BAD JOKE), so don’t worry about that. i accept payment through paypal only, and i will ship internationally if the need be!

they’ll take anywhere between a few days to a week to arrive, depending on where you live (i’m based in the SF bay area).

and even if you aren’t interested in buying, signal boosting would be lovely, as well! i could really use the extra cash. uvu

thank you for your time! have a swell day.

edit: oh hell in a handbasket, i forgot to mention, if you’re interested, you can contact me either via tumblr, deviantART, or email! you can hit me up at . )

ahh i usually am not a fan of any anime dubs really

but hot dang the dub for baccano is just so great

i love baccano so much

i drew dingo again?? oops

and then i doodled out some OCs to use for a project in art. roland and annabelle uvu

i drew a bear in my yearbook class to use in my final project

illustrator is such a fun program i can bearly stand it

i remember a while ago i was talking about maybe posting something an OC of mine?? well here they are ahhh

their name is dingo and they are a d…ingo ahaha help

when i was drawing them i never really identified them with a gender? so they are genderneutral for now, and may stay that way, i kind of like them like that! i was going to draw them with aborigines makeup but i didn’t want to potentially offend people more than i may possibly will so i left it off for now ;u;

i’ll huff and i’ll puff and i’ll blow your house down!

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