i see a lot of stuff about biphobia on my dash and it makes me kind of sad to think that a lot of biphobia probably comes from my generation, really. because a lot of us were in middle school or high school when it literally WAS suddenly ‘cool’ to be a sexuality; people would say they were bi and then say “but i’d never kiss a girl/guy” and it made a lot of us who WERE questioning our sexuality at the time a little wary of anyone who said they were bisexual, yanno?

but i don’t think that’s a problem nowadays? so this REALLY shouldn’t be an issue anymore……cmon…..

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u don’t even KNOW


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whats with all the 5’s

i was really into this thing called d.gray-man……sighs……..

my bff rly liked the character debito (devit?? devito?? danny devito????? who knows) & his brother or smth idk was named jasdero and liked 5’s a lot sooooo.

seriously. look. I wrote this. I wrote this, looked at it, and thought it was acceptable

c h rist

finding old journals while i wait for sac stuff to print out

these were Dark Days indeed

i’ve had about an hour’s worth of sleep the past two days but hey at least i look cute!!

alright! here’s the story i wrote for my creative writing class. about a trans girl and some friends, and the days that pass.

i’m not sure how to tag this in terms of warnings; there’s some talk or prior familial death, transphobia, misgendering and the like, so if any of that doesn’t sound like your thing, please be advised!

feel free to critique, or just tell me what you think. i’d love the feedback!

the story is called old baker and brooks (welcome home).

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finally finished my story for creative writing! more or less.

it’s hella typo-y and un-editted, but uh. would anyone wanna see it? /) w u ;;

some good personal things!

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i can’t believe i actually finished my drawing for animation final oh my god I’m so happy i could cry

time to sleep for like. an hour

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