last week some of the kids at work were talking about warriors and i got to surprise them all with my WEALTH OF WARRIORS kNOWLEDGE

one of the girls was all my favorite is redtail do you even know who redtail is

of course i know who redtail is i remember 99999% of the vaguely unimportant except sort of important side characters in that series you won’t understand a damn thing unless you do

i will disagree with your post it is in the delivery if you want people to understand something you can do two things only be friendly and manipulative or violent i mean like killing them violence level that is all anyone can do

i have absolutely no idea what you’re trying to tell me

sometimes i see posts on here that seem to shit on people for defending themselves or trying to stick up for themselves when they’ve been shitted on by someone else usually using the logic of oh well two wrongs don’t make a right or you could have handled it like an adult!!!!! but no

no man

sometimes people need to be taught a lesson because people won’t learn from their mistakes unless they know they made a mistake??? you fuck up? you man up and take it and learn from it and that’s that honestly i don’t give a shit if you feel like you’re being “”bullied”“”” for being ignorant or mean or wrong! too bad!! everyone’s gonna fuck up. you’ll fuck up. life goes on ffs

we marathoned bob’s burgers when we got home so while we were watching i read some of the imdb reviews and jesus christ some of of those one star reviewers are some of the most whiny pissbabies i’ve ever seen

previews of the new babes in a few days!! very excited to sell some pretty white darlings * w *

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i wouldn’t mind the one on the left unless someone else wants it

you’re welcome to him! i’m crovvn on there, just send me an offer

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UOH NICK CAN I HAVE BLUE…… i just started tho so i dont have much to offer :^(

that’s ok!! give me ur best offer hun uvu

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i want the blue one ;A;

SORRY FRIEND BLUE WAS TAkEN 8^( i’ll try and see about next batch!! i’m getting spirals and skydancers next and they’ll be v pretty i promise



(imperial already claimed by my gf tho!!)

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