steveeugenecarlsberg tagged me to say five facts about myself!! okay sure!!! i love talking about myself.

1. i have a vision impairment! i can’t see at all out of one eye, and my vision in my remaining eye is so poor that if i don’t wear my glasses i can be considered legally blind. I almost had my license taken away once because my prescription was so out of date that i wasnt legal to drive, oops.

2. i’ve had my writing published. self-published. in a class written book. in fifth grade. for my ~ gifted and talented education ~ program. it has an ISBN and everything. you could find it.

3. i’m right handed when it comes to things like drawing, shaking hands, etc, and left handed when it comes to things like fencing, rifle shooting, archery, etc. a lot of the time I tend to use both hands for doing things.

4. my family has a history of being really bad at self-preservation! my uncle lit himself on fire, my other uncle fell out of a tree and stabbed out his eye (he has a glass eye!!), my other uncle cut off part of a finger with a power saw…the list goes on. a deceased aunt of mine once pulled a gun on a truck driver. while they were both driving down a freeway. she made it onto the news!

5. I’m a pretty good speaker! people seem to think I’d be a good public speaker/motivational speaker, stuff like that. i also do improv stuff working with panels at cons & the like, but I’d looooove to do some actual acting work eventually.

and um i tag!! nikittypaprika daftalchemist adragonwithablog orcasoup anendlessaria elizertine otterlogic francesksgk squidvonbob cuteghostkid

1. usually when I write fast my handwriting just gets worse, haha. my spelling ends up being terrible no matter what speed I’m at.

2. YEAH MAN paying attention to lectures in general is a goddamn challenge. I need to be able to be doing someone else at the same time or else I literally cannot pay attention it’s terrible 8( and then the typos are a whole different ball park haha

just a quick question!

when I take notes in class, it’s really hAnd for me to spell things correctly. usually I’ll just spell things in a way that makes sense to me — like looking for examples at hand, “allowed” is “allowined” and “discovered” is “discored” — they read fine to me even though they’re missing or added in letters… I know it’s possible for ppl to perceive words correctly as long as the first and last letters are the same but idk of this is the same kind of scenario. I was wondering if other people found themselves taking notes this way? it really only happens with notes for me.

(I thought I would also note that I forget/add in words when talking/typing normally too)

hair fluff levels: maximum

we’re at target

if I get married I am going to get married at laserquest

i won’t say who I’m getting married to I’ll invite a bunch of my friends and whoever wins the most games will earn my hand in marriage

highway 101 just isn’t the same without the MMM CARPET sign :(

every relationship has at least one closet furry

if you’re an artist and you deliberately underprice your art with the intention of bringing in more customers b/c you know other artists charge more and you think lowballing will get you more customers

then know that I am very, very unhappy w/you

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