aggressively wills this sai file to finish itself

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i have no good pictures of mads though 

man i want a new icon but i don’t know what!!! i would just draw myself one but nahhhhh i got stuff to do

blogger problems

oh man you have such a pretty artstyle!! <3

aww, thank you!! /) w u your words mean a lot!

doddling OCs in class

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I think they referred to the “White dude in Native wear” part as appropriation. A Native man wearing the ceremonial garb of his own tribe and speaking Russian would maybe only annoy the dude’s family, for wearing it out in public.

preeeeetty sure the tweet was “telling people not to cosplay this dude” as an overall thing b/c i’m pretty sure if you were native american the last person you would want to cosplay would be the apache tracker because that’s kind of the opposite of the point they’re trying to make with the character…

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I want to see a Native dude as post-change Indian Tracker, talking solely in Russian. That would be a great cosplay.

except for the fact that jeffery and joseph have explicitly said that no one should cosplay the guy because he’s a racist appropriative jerk so nah

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i dont care if people cosplay carlos when white as long as they don’t THINK carlos is white. but yeah the brownface is an issue v.v people are dumb in all fandoms though what can you do

i get a little iffy when people do (since i personally wouldn’t do it!) but i’d prefer it over brownface ANY DAY….even if my personal preference would be not doin it at all

signs heavily! what assholes.

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*pat* I seen this before. It happened in the Hetalian fandom and honestly you just have to wait it out until the dumb ass teenangers realize how stupid they are and move on and grow up

i am going to eat all the racists in this fandom except then i’ll get a stomachache but it’ll be worth it

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