strange and beautiful - aqualung

when i put a spell on you — and when i wake you i’ll be the first thing you see

♫ owo

my heart still beats - maria mena

it hurts, but i’m not about to give you up / though broken, my heart still beats, it will not stop.

safe and sound - capital cities

i could show you love / in a tidal wave of mystery, you’ll still be standing next to me

call off your ghost - dessa

i don’t think badly of her. i hope she makes you happy. it’s just a lot to ask to watch your future walking past me

red hands - walk off the earth

that gun is loaded but it’s not in my hand! the fire burns - i’m not the one with the match, man

♫ ♫ ♫

go do - jónsi

you wish your love could see you grow older / we should always know that we can do anything

cactuar said: 

they don’t look white at all to me…… so i’m gonna tell you no these boys do not look white.

okay, i can definitely understand that. i’m definitely looking at things from a very white point of view, so i’ll retract that statement then; however, i’d then like to amend it as, i wish anime would incorporate other races/people of color in a clearly identifiable way! is that a better way of putting it?

or can i simply critique the fact that the classic/mainstream anime styles leave little room for much variety in facial structure & the like? because maybe that’s where my problem is coming from, i just don’t like ~ anime ~ style. hmm. i dunno!

grumbles about homework at 4 in the morning

the night vale fandom has a HUGE problem with “call out first, research later” when it comes to confronting problematic issues within the fandom, but it does warm my heart to see that literally everyone knows that andy blake is Bad News

thunder clatter by wild cub in particular is real nice for me to listen to, it has a really soothing beat to it

it’s also one of my cecilos songs so \ w /

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