youre actually a bear

w-who told you something like that…..sheesh.… if.………

bun is v cute and also a rad artist i just thought i would let u all know

aromantic feferi tho

what the hell does “partial sightedness” even mean. how vague can you get. “maximizing the remaining vision left in those who aren’t blind” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN. TELL ME.

every time i think i’m starting to feel a little better about people in the wtnv fandom, something happens and then i’m just no, nope, ya’ll are still terrible, goddammit. get it together, guys.

u want a comedy novel that’s funny without being offensive?

you want a comedy novel where the main character is a woman? and the primary characters are all women? and the title of the book itself is a reference to women’s rights?


and religious/war commentary?? while still being absolutely shitfaced hilarious?????

Btw if people want to know if something is cultural appropriation from Japans culture the can just go to thisisnotjapan blog since they do talk about racism, cultural appropriation, etc. But i would recommend checking their FAQ first since it might help a bit!

i follow that blog myself, actually! thisisnotjapan it’s a great resource, i’d recommend it myself.

is it appropriation then if I just try to learn japanese by myself and do stuff that is common in their culture (such as writing something with the setting as japan in the past)? unu

i’m not the right person to ask, anon! you’d be better off asking someone who is actually japanese, but i can offer you a basic rule of thumb — there’s nothing wrong with investing time in learning a language. learning languages is a rich cultural experience and i DEFINITELY encourage it; as long as you realize not all japanese people will be pleased if you try suddenly speaking japanese to them! it’s all about context; always ask someone if you’re not sure if you’re making them uncomfortable or not.

in terms of writing — no, as long as you do your research and avoid racist tropes! i DEFINITELY recommend choosing to set stories in non-eurocentric nations, we definitely need more proper representation of eastern cultures and settings; and no one should complain if you actually take the time to do REAL research about it, yanno?

golden rule: if you’re not sure if something is racist or not, ask someone of that culture! ask MULTIPLE people of that culture, because as i said before, one person saying it’s ok =/= final judgement. in the end, if you’re still dubious, it would be best to play it safe. i hope that helps!

Ah, that does make sense! That's more like wearing a Party City prepackaged geisha costume and then claiming it's not racist, and that's totally not cool. I see where you're coming from now, and I agree. Thanks for clarifying! nun

yes, exactly that! i’m glad i was able to clear things up! uvu

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you on the topic of Japanese appropriation. It's not the same as "not all men" because the majority of Japanese don't mind it, it's actually a much smaller amount that take issue. I stayed in Japan for 2 weeks (not long I know) living with locals in their house, and they were super excited to dress me and my friends in kimonos and yukatas and take us to festivals, and everyone we met was really excited that we were taking part in their culture.

yes, and that sort of cultural sharing is entirely fine! because it’s being facilitated/directed by members of that culture! when you’re in japan, around japanese folk, and they are there to aid you & are approving of what you’re doing, that is ENTIRELY OKAY.

what i’m referring to is when people in other countires dress in kimonos, wear geisha makeup, speak broken japanese, etc, without the cultural significance that being in japan itself warrants! it’s those kinds of people who are more likely to defend their actions by saying “but japanese ppl are okay with it!!!!”. not saying that’s what the OP is doing — i’m saying that the actual racists are the people who will benefit more from those sorts of posts, is all. i hope that all makes sense! u ~ u

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